August 26th 2017
Save The Date: Aug 26th!

Presented By H&H Fun Rides
$10 for Unlimited Braclet
$ 1 a ticket (some attractions require 2 tickets)
  • 2 Bounce Houses
  • Slide
  • Rock Wall
  • Swings
  • Fast Pitch

The Boy Scouts will be grilling up the classics - Burgers and Dogs

The Chocolate Hog will have Turkey Legs, Cheese Curds and Fries

Ice cream (both hard and soft serve)

Cup Cakes

Cotton Candy

Water / Soda / Beer

You lacking table manners?

This one's for you. But wait, what's on the menu?

Pie?...too predictable.
Watermelon?...not messy enough.

Whatever it is, this is going to be fun!
You got what it takes?
Anyone can grab a 9 Iron and plunk the ball next to the pin.
It takes talent to throw the ball and get the same results!.

1 Golf ball for $2 or 3 for $5.

If your golf ball is closest to the pin you win 50% of the take, as well as, the Golf Chucker braggging rights until next year!

Surprise Contest

It's so secret we're not even sure what it is yet!

People running like mad inside plastic balls filled with air.

What's not to like?

Property For Sale!
We are selling 156 18" by 18" sections of land for only $20

  • Squares are randomly numbered
  • If the calf does his "thing" on your land. You Win $1000.

If you want to buy a deed use the Contact Us page or click here.